Siltech 100HV is a single component silicone RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) coating. It has been specially formulated for use on high voltage insulators. Its unique hydrophobic qualities give it the ability to shed water making it self-cleaning. In most environments, routine cleaning is not necessary. In severe conditions, Siltech 100HV may be cleaned by high pressure water wash up to 3,000 PSI. Bonding enhancers are built in to eliminate the need for a separate primer. It has excellent dielectric strength and tracking resistance. In areas where animal induced outages are a problem, Siltech 100HV may be sprayed directly over galvanized steel without extensive surface prep. Its high build abilities make it possible to reach a dry film of 20 mils with only three passes.




Surface Preparation

Intended Uses:

  • High voltage insulators

  • Switch boxes

  • Animal induced outages

  • Precipitators

Insulators and Bushings
1. New insulators need only be high-pressure water washed. Whenever, possible use deionized water for cleaning. If insulators are contaminated with grease or oil then solvent cleaning or SSPC-SP1 can be used. A fast drying solvent such as lacquer thinner should be used.
2. Existing insulators may need more aggressive cleaning. Environmental deposits such as minerals, chemicals and dust need to be removed. Carbon deposits formed by current tracking need to be completely removed. Several methods of wet and dry abrasive blasting are acceptable such as:
* Wet or dry soda blasting
* Dry blasting with corn cob
* Dry blasting with corn cob and lime mixed
WARNING! Soda is conductive and needs to be completely removed before switching equipment back in. Corn cob fall out needs to be removed to allow for proper drainage.

Metal Surfaces
Siltech 100HV has excellent adhesion on all metal substrate and requires only a clean, dry surface before application. All surface contamination may be removed by SSPC-SP1, SP2 or SP3.

Dry Film Requirements Insulators and Bushings
Due to the irregular configuration of insulators, it would be impossible to maintain consistent dry film thickness. An optimum dry film of 18 mils with a range of 15 to 20 mils should be maintained.

WARNING! Siltech 100HV is not formulated for live application.

Download PDF Tech Data sheet for printing: Siltech 100HV PDF

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